3 simple actions that Save Lives

We are all facing a lot of big challenges, and solving them will take big efforts. But there’s one we can all help address fairly easily: securing out Local blood supply.


Donate three times a year.

It’s time for all of us who are eligible to make it a habit to give three times a year. If we each do our part by donating on a regular basis, we can help maintain a sufficient blood supply, for everyone’s loved ones, whenever they’re in need.


Give red cells, plasma, or platelets.

Schedule your appointments to donate one of the essential blood components— red cells, plasma, or platelets—at your local blood bank.


Volunteer to host, captain, or help out at a blood drive.

Not everyone is eligible to donate blood, but we can all still support the cause of saving lives. Your assistance three times a year could be the difference between good drives and great ones, for everyone involved.

Join #Blood4All through your Global Shapers Hub or local organization.

#Blood4All is an initiative of the Global Shapers Community.

Contact: info@blood4all.org

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